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The perfect package for single-family and simple home use. 

  • Regular Maintenance twice a month

  • Heavy Maintenance every 4 months

Vacation Basic

Vacation rentals rented less than three days per week. 

  • Regular Maintenance once a week

  • Heavy Maintenance every 2 months

Vacation Pro

Vacation rentals with heavy use rented   4-7 days per week. 

  • Regular Maintenance twice a week

  • Heavy Maintenance every month

Regular Maintenance

Performed frequently so your spa is ready to use at all times

  • Balance water chemicals

  • Check filter

  • Wipe spa cover

  • Wipe away scum line

  • Check water temperature and levels

  • Shovel snow (winter)

  • Service e-notification

Heavy Maintenance

More intensive services to keep your spa lasting for years

  • Drain and clean interior

  • Pipe clean

  • Deep clean filter

  • Clean and protect spa cabinet

  • Condition spa cover

Additional Services

Provided separately from our packages and billed at time of service

  • One-time regular maintenance for new customers

  • Extra visit for existing customers

  • One-time drain and clean

  • Winterize spa

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

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